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In 2019, everyone wants to become more productive. Living a more productive lifestyle is the key to achieving any goal. Nevertheless, the secret behind it is not hard work with no life. Disrupting the delicate emotional balance between your professional life and personal life in most cases will actually have an enormous impact on productivity. Financially motivated individuals will try to combine these lifestyles, but most of the time, this only leads to hitting “burnout” faster.

The World Health Organization has actually recognized burnout as an official medical diagnosis, and psychologists claim that choosing to live this lifestyle will eventually dramatically reduce productivity.

If you think you are close to burnout or would like to be more productive without having to suffer the accompanying stress and health risks, then you need to work smarter, not harder. Start adopting these ten guaranteed tips to become more productive.

1. Prioritize

Set priority levels to all tasks and try to stick to one job with the intention of finishing that activity before starting the next assignment. Additionally, never forget to be prepared for any last-minute obstacles by leaving room for anything that is time-sensitive.

Time constraints can sometimes hinder productivity; however, some people work better under these restrictions. An overall tight schedule can also be what makes the procedure so productive in the first place.

Finding this perfect balance can be challenging. Try to initially plan the more demanding tasks at the start of the day and increasingly perform the more manageable tasks towards the end.

2. Take Breaks

If things are not going as planned or you are beginning to feel the symptoms of burnout, it is probably a good idea to consider taking a break to recharge. Being emotionally fatigued can be just as bad as physically drained.

One approach is to try to schedule these breaks so they perfectly sync with the appropriate time to consume high-quality CBD which will also help your body take a break.

The non-psychoactive qualities of CBD do not produce any euphoric effects, and the naturally derived compounds are a fantastic nonaddictive way to help the body freely unwind. Synchronizing these breaks is also an excellent way to help teach the mind to switch off during these periods, allowing you to return to your tasks much more productive.

3. Separate Work-Life and Personal Life

Recognizing when to disconnect from work is very important, and now that most business can be conducted over the phone, putting this one to practice is even more significant.

There is nothing wrong with taking time off to disengage and relax. Separating work-life and personal-life is also highly suggested. This is why psychologists always recommend having your office in a separate room of the house. Also, try switching off any work-related devices when the workday has ended.

4. Motivation

Maintaining a positive mental attitude towards the current task at hand can often be challenging. Always trying to stay motivated and focused on achieving personal goals can be tough for even the highest-energy personalities.

Try taking a small dose of high-quality CBD before going for a walk or listening to an intellectually challenging podcast and enjoy the enhanced effect CBD produces directly and indirectly on the endocannabinoid system.

Use this inspiration to kickstart your motivation and contemplate a new outlook on the subject that is productive while ignoring any pervasive negative thoughts. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that can be consumed in various ways, and it might help you find the type of inspiration that fuels productivity.

5. Sudoku

For those who are not aware, Sudoku is a combinatorial number-placement puzzle that really puts the brain to the test. Doing a few of these complex puzzles every day can raise brainpower. Training logical thinking skills is an excellent way to become more productive.

Start with a puzzle in the morning and one in the evening, then slowly start to do the more challenging puzzles, but beware— the difficult ones are ridiculously hard!

6. Mind Frame  

Ignoring the negative thoughts in the back of your head that try to challenge the motivating thoughts can be tough at times. Fortunately, the mood swings that produce this can be avoided. Try using CBD as a tool to ignore any unmotivating feelings or initially kickstart a well-motivated mind frame.

CBD is a natural mood stabilizer that can help maintain a better frame of mind and state of relaxation without making the “high” or “stoned” feeling that accompanies THC.

7. Workout

Taking time out to workout is a fabulous opportunity to help contemplate on the more essential things in life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take full advantage of this time off, and you are guaranteed to be more productive after the session.

Physical exercise is also a fantastic way to unwind for workaholics that spend all day in an office sitting down and are too stubborn to take breaks.

High-quality CBD is also a fantastic natural alternative that can potentially help relieve short-term pain with its nonaddictive analgesic qualities, and its powerful anti-inflammatory properties are a convenient way to potentially help reduce inflammation after a workout.

8. Timekeeping

To achieve optimal productivity levels, following a consistent schedule is one of the most crucial parts of productivity. Poor time management habits can harm efficiency, and one of the worst practices is not taking full advantage of breaks.

Scheduling these aforementioned small breaks throughout the day can help raise productivity, but in contrast, wasting this short time off horsing around or using the time to do other tasks before completing the first will lower productivity. Try sticking to the program and complete each task in order, taking 20-minute breaks in between. The Pomodoro method is an excellent way to accomplish this.

9.  Personal Goals

Demonstrating a strong desire to achieve personal goals is the main reason people get hired at job interviews, and being ambitious in all aspects of life is usually a trait of a highly productive individual.  

Setting both short-term and long-term personal goals is a great way to boost productivity. Set manageable goals at the start to increase motivation, and when the outcome of this objective is successful, aim for a realistic long-term goal.

Additionally, when following this neat trick, remember to always keep in mind the influence of time pressure to avoid any unnecessary stress that could have an impact on productivity.

10. Stick to the Plan

Never divert from the subject and avoid starting any bad habits that may later be troublesome to dispose of. To accomplish this plan, try developing a new thought process towards staying on track.

Once you discover a strategy that works, the numerous health benefits of high-quality CBD could help you naturally reach peak levels of productivity and maximize your physical and mental well-being.

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