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For high performers (Type A personalities), a lot of stress both physically and mentally gets placed on your body and minds each day.

Whether you’re a top performing athlete, a driven business associate, or an entrepreneur, taking an inventory of your stress and fatigue is critical in finding the right solution and performing at your best.

While there are current medications and other methods for managing pain and stress, they can be dangerous and have other long lasting negative effects on your health.

In search of improved recovery, pain and stress relief, and sleeping aids, more and more people are discovering and trying CBD and other cannabidiol products as a non-prescription alternative.

Should you?

CBD benefits and affects everyone differently. It’s important to do your research to learn about the benefits most relevant to you, and the most effective ways to get them.

Are you Type A?

What is a Type A person?

Have you ever been described as a workaholic?

Do you turn everything into a competition? Against yourself or others?

Do you have trouble relaxing?

Do you have rigid, highly organized methods of going about your day?

Are you willing to sacrifice almost anything to achieve your goals? (Yes, even sleep).

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, chances are that you’re a Type A personality.

There’s no benefit of having one personality type over another, but it’s important to get a better understanding of how you operate in order to achieve your goals and live your best life.

Benefits of CBD For Type A Personalities

For high performers, CBD and other cannabidiol products can have an immense impact on various areas of your life.

Here are a few of the benefits for those who won’t stop at anything:

Natural Stress Relief

Coping with stress is a tall task for high performers. Especially when you’re working many hours, responsible for teams of people, and trying to juggle personal life and relationships at the same time. 

These types of people will never admit when they’re tired, and say the only solution to hard problems is hard work.While this might be true, learning when to stop and decompress will be dramatically beneficial for physical and mental health long term. 

It’s important to find productive and safe ways to manage stress. And that’s where CBD for high performance comes in.

CBD has a relaxing effect on the nervous system by working with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is present in all human cells and has a role in our mood, appetite, sleep, and memory. CBD has shown many benefits when interacting with this system, including inducing calm and relieving stress and anxiety.

Reduce inflammation

For those who put a heavy stress load on their body, whether it be from training, long hours at work, or other physical activities, CBD will help you recover faster and more effectively.

Rather than relying on OTC medications like advil or aspirin, CBD provides a healthier, and sometimes more effective road to recovery.

Some people take CBD oil for pain, although a topical CBD cream for pain with soothing menthol or eucalyptus oil additives absorbs into the skin where applied.

Improve Sleep Quality

“But sleep is for the week!”

Well, not really. It’s long been proven that prioritizing quality sleep has tremendous impacts on our bodies and lives. 

Mentioned earlier, CBD has a strong relaxing effect on the ECS system, which feeds into creating better and longer lasting sleep and turns into more productive, happier next days.

Many who use CBD for sleep report higher quality of sleep, with fewer interruptions, and waking up feeling rested and energized — and that’s something every high performer longs for.

Long Lasting, Increased Focus

CBD can relax you, put you to sleep, and relieve stress. But what about for when it’s time to tackle your responsibilities for the day?

While CBD is not a stimulant, it most definitely can have benefits for focus. With its anti-inflammatory characteristics and relaxing effects, CBD can help you to block out distractions, and focus on what you have in front of you.

Using CBD

If you’ve read this far, and think CBD might be a good match, it’s time to decide what types of products would work best for you.

There are hundreds of ways to consume CBD, with new products popping up weekly. There is no right or wrong way to take CBD, it all comes down to the effects, delivery method that fits you, and choosing a trusted product.

For example, athletes might find a CBD body lotion or oil has the physical relaxation effects they’re looking for. CBD for athletes comes in a number of forms to fit a strict diet or routine.

An entrepreneur may prefer a CBD infused edible or drink for convenience. CBD for high performance should be accessible to fit your schedule and allow you to dose when you’re ready.

It is important to note that how you choose to ingest CBD, may change your experience, as in the potency and how quickly it takes effect.

For example, capsules, lotion or oil, and edibles all have to be digested, so onset time is a bit longer.

Topical creams are said to be quicker than edibles but with slightly less potency, and sublingual oil drops/tinctures are said to be the most rapid. No matter the product you choose, it’s critical that you’re aware of the dosing and follow instructions to ensure a safe and effective experience.

No matter where you’re at in your CBD journey, you’ll thank yourself for taking the first step. Interested in learning more? Browse our featured products and other articles for more information.

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